Linked Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

2017 Linked Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
Knights Valley

We seriously considered saying “This wine is freaking awesome!” and leaving it at that.  Forget all that happened in 2017, let the wine speak for itself and the vintage, and just enjoy a beautiful bottle of wine. But that would deprive you of our stellar tasting notes and our witty storytelling, so here it goes.  It was a year of extremes, lots of rain in the winter, then fluctuating high and low temperatures through spring and summer.  It looked to be a late harvest until a few very warm days around Labor Day kicked ripening into gear.  We picked on October 4th, our earliest ever!  As the saying goes, timing is everything, because four days later the devastating Tubbs fire raged through our property and claimed the remaining fruit.  We will be forever thankful that our damage was so minimal, saddened by the losses of our neighbors, and proud of the resilience of our community.

From adversity comes strength!  The 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon is precocious and, dare we say, perfection in the glass.  Pretty even to look at, the color is a stunning dark rose, and blazingly vibrant.  Breathe the seductive perfume of wild blackberries, black currants, wildflowers and delicate clove that lure you in a bit further.  Then sip and savor the luscious tannins and a pallet layered with flavors of rich black cherry pie, spices, exquisitely balanced coffee and chocolate.  This wine has power and presence yet shows grace and charm that make it enjoyable today.  Drink it now, or see how it ages and evolves, if you have the willpower to wait.

146 Cases Produced

$140 / bottle