Linked Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Linked Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L
Knights Valley

We love our wine!  We love our friends that drink our wine!  We really love writing our tasting notes with those friends, while drinking our wine, having consumed a few rum cocktails prior!!! This is what happens…

The skies clouded, and then opened, in winter of 2019, gifting us with copious amounts of water before the vines started to grow, and then even a bit more after they were on their way.  By the time the vines were flowering though, the sun was shining and we were getting the beautiful temperatures that make this area such a fantastic place to grow wine grapes!  Cool foggy mornings and warm days carved a path for slow phenolic maturation, allowing abundant hang time for the fruit, creating this amazing wine!

The 2019 Linked Vineyards Cabernet is more intellectual than overtly sexy.  It has our signature deep, dark and vibrant color.  The aromas start softly and blossom into ripe fruit (raspberry, huckleberry and dewberry) and the earthy goodness of a roasted Hamakua mushroom, with faint floral hints of Plumeria.  Flavors are mixed, subtle and even somewhat mystifying.  The wine carries notes of bright bramble fruit, dark chocolate, candied orange peel, Kona coffee and caramelized molasses.  Traces of Mr. Roarke’s soft Corinthian leather add depth and complexity. It is a wine with big, squishy (OK…. let’s go huggable) tannins that will drink well for quite some time to come!

30 Bottles Produced

$140 / bottle